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The Laboratory of Archaeology meets Federal standards (36CFR79) for archaeological curation and is compliant with all state and federal laws. The Laboratory of Archaeology also adheres to standard curation guidelines established by the Georgia Council of Professional Archaeologists as well as standards of all state and federal agencies. The Laboratory is part of the University of Georgia, Department of Anthropology, which has the only Ph.D. program in anthropology with a focus in archaeology in the state of Georgia. The Laboratory also works in concert with the Georgia Museum of Natural History, which holds one of the largest museum collections associated with a university in the United States. In addition, the Laboratory of Archaeology is home to the Georgia Archaeological Site File (GASF). Currently, there are over 58,000 archaeological sites recorded in Georgia. The site file curates the site forms and CRM reports (over10,000)  that contain information about these archaeological sites including cultural periods and information relating to the National Register of Historic Places.

Our mission includes (1) preserving and curating qualified archaeological collections and records, (2)  facilitating research for professionals and training students in archaeology, (3) service to the state of Georgia.

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University of Georgia

Laboratory of Archaeology

1125 Whitehall Rd

Athens, GA 30602-4702

Lab: (706) 542-9234

Site File: (706) 542-8737

Fax: (706) 542-8920


Laboratory of Archaeology

1125 Whitehall Rd

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602

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Phone: (706)-542-9234

Fax: (706) 542-8920

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