The Laboratory of Archaeology adheres to high ethical and professional responsibilities for collections placed within our facilities and takes great care in the conservation of archaeological artifact collections, as well as associated paper and digital records. Maintaining the archaeology collections in our facility is the main priority of the Director and Laboratory Manager. Materials are maintained in a temperature, humidity and light monitored environment. All material is recorded using a barcode and database system to record information and keep track of the specific location of boxes. Between our two curation areas (Robert Rhodes Curation Room and GMNH Curation Annex) we have nearly 11,000 boxes curated.

Collections include those generated through survey, excavation, and research undertaken by faculty and students of the University of Georgia for the past 67 years. The Laboratory of Archaeology curates all collections from Georgia produced by the University of Georgia field schools. Many other institutions use the Laboratory of Archaeology as their official curation repositories for archaeological collections and records from archaeological survey, excavation, and research in Georgia and some adjacent areas. These include: the U.S. National Park Service, the U.S. Navy, Fort Gordon, the U.S. National Forest Service, the Mobile Army Corps of Engineers, the Savannah Army Corps of Engineers, the Georgia Department of Transportation, and the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. In addition to federal and state agencies, we curate collections from many local and private Cultural Resource Management companies, and non-profit research organizations such as the LAMAR Institute and Coosawattee Foundation.

Collections at the Laboratory are available for research to qualified researchers for scientific and education research but not for the general public. Researchers requiring access to collections or records should make prior arrangements with the Director or Manager of the Laboratory.

The Laboratory has a standard curation fee that applies to all federal, state, local, and private institutions. This permits us to purchase the needed facilities, equipment, and labor to accession and curate artifact collections, paper records, and digital data into our facility. It also permits us to provide prompt access to the collections for professional research. Please see our Collections Management Policy for more information about curation fees, research access, loans, destructive analysis, etc.

The following are a few things that the Laboratory or staff cannot do:

1. The Laboratory cannot, due to Georgia Law (OCGA 50-18-72[a][10]), give out archaeological site location information.

2. The Laboratory cannot look at a potential archaeological site, nor do we conduct archaeological fieldwork.

3. The Laboratory cannot assign value to an artifact or collection.

We welcome new archaeological collections for curation. Please contact the Laboratory Manager for more information. 

Laboratory of Archaeology

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