The Laboratory of Archaeology is located on the ground floor of the University of Georgia's Riverbend Research Laboratory and maintains a wide variety of archaeological resources including: digital databases, field excavation records, images (photographs, negatives, slides, etc), maps, and artifact assemblages. The Laboratory consists of over 10,000 square feet of curation, analysis and office space. Additionally, the Laboratory has curation space in another building consisting of ca. 1,800 square feet.  The Main Lab is composed of five distinct parts: the Main Office Space, the Robert Rhoades Curation Room, the Main Analysis Room, the Elevated Basement and the GMNH Annex Building. Materials are maintained in a temperature, humidity and light monitored environment. Security is strictly controlled and monitored by UGA Campus Police. 

Main Office Space:     

There are four rooms that define the primary office area in the Lab. Our Front Office is equipped with a computer work area and three printers. This area is the space that welcomes visitors to the Lab. We maintain in this room a complete set of publications of the Lab Series Publications and a complete set of Early Georgia.  

The Site File Room contains the paper versions of Georgia site forms, CRM reports, and Georgia USGS Quad map information for the Georgia Archaeological Site File in a series of file cabinets and map cases. See for more information. A copier/fax machine, high speed digital scanner, and computer  work area are also located in this room.

The Computer Analysis Room is equipped with eight PC workstations, high speed digital photo and negative scanners, Graphtec CS600 Pro 42 inch Scanner, and a HP Design Jet 800 for large scale printing. The Computer Analysis Room provides researchers in the lab with a general purpose area for research, data entry, and other short term projects.                            

The Special Collections Room is a secured space that contains delicate artifacts.

Robert Rhoades Curation Room:          

The Robert Rhoades Curation Room is the largest room in the Lab and is our primary curation area. We maintain a extensive type collection in this room including prehistoric and historic artifacts and examples of Georgia chert. The Curation Room contains 24-range compression shelving systems that currently holds 8,000 boxes. We maintain a detailed barcode and database system for all of our collections that can locate collections rapidly. In this manner, we can keep track of the exact location for every box in the room. Lastly, our server is located in this room.

Analysis Room:

The Analysis Room is located adjacent to the Main Office Space and constitutes the main analysis space for the Lab. The room is divided into four separate research alcoves, each with a large table, cabinet containing basic analysis equipment and supplies, and surrounded on two sides with oak artifact cases/drawers for temporary curation. Also within the Main Analysis Room is a large laboratory sink for washing artifacts and garage-type door for easy entry of large items.

Huscher Library Room:

Huscher Library Room contains two computer work areas and table space for research associated with the extensive research library. The Huscher Library Room has over 2,000 books on all subjects of anthropology and archaeology. These books are donated from former UGA faculty, and students. The books are only for use within the Library. Checking out these books is not permitted. The Huscher Library also contains four microscopes, a 3D scanner, a 3D printer, and two artifact photography work stations.

Data Curation Room:

The Data Curation Room contains information in a series of map cases and filing cabinets. Our Images collection consisting of over 70,000 photographic prints, negatives, slides, and other media is curated in this room. The original Accession Catalog books for the Lab are also curated in this room. We further curate several other specialized projects that the Lab has been involved in (i.e. Wallace Reservoir Project).

GMNH Annex Curation Area:

The GMNH Annex Curation Area, west of Athens, contains an elevated mezzanine where we curate an additional 3,000 boxes.

Basement Equipment Storage:

We use the additional space in the Elevated Basement for storage of field excavation equipment and some specialized lab equipment.


Laboratory of Archaeology

1125 Whitehall Rd

University of Georgia

Athens, GA 30602