One of the Laboratory's major goals is to promote research. We make our collections accessible to qualified individuals for scientific and educational research and as one of the premier institutions for the archaeology of the American Southeast, our faculty, staff, and students produce significant scholarly work pertaining to the history and prehistory of Georgia.  In addition to outside researchers, many students use the Laboratory and collections for class, independent research projects, or internships. The Laboratory also employs many undergraduate and graduate students (15 during 2014-2015) during their academic careers providing them with a solid background and experience in archaeological research and collections management. Any research performed at the Laboratory is monitored by the Director and Laboratory Manager so that artifacts are treated with care.


The Laboratory makes a wide variety of resources available for qualified researchers. For example, we maintain an extensive library that includes over 2,000 Manuscripts (search titles here) as well as a complete set of publications of the Lab Series Publications (over 80 Lab Series are available for download here) and Early Georgia. We also make available the Georgia site forms, CRM reports, and Georgia USGS Quad map information. The Computer Analysis Room provides researchers in the lab with a general purpose area for research, data entry, and other short-term projects. The Analysis Room constitutes the main analysis space for the Laboratory and is divided into four separate research alcoves, each with a large table, cabinet containing basic analysis equipment and supplies, and surrounded on two sides with oak artifact cases/drawers for temporary curation. The Huscher Library Room contains five computer work areas and table space for research associated with the extensive research library. The Huscher Library also contains four microscopes, a 3D scanner, a 3D printer, and two artifact photography work stations. The Data Curation Room contains information in a series of map cases and file cabinets that contain photographic prints, negatives, slides, and other media. We also make available to undergraduate and graduate students and qualified researchers a variety of specialized analytical tools and resources. Additionally, we are adjacent to the University of Georgia Center for Applied Isotope Studies, which offers advanced analytical services for our collections. Finally, we work closely with the Center for Archaeological Sciences.

Please see Capabilities for a more detailed list of resources available at the Laboratory.

Laboratory of Archaeology

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