In Spring 2018, students enrolled in ANTH 4250 Cultural Resource Management produced projects aimed at engaging the public regarding issues related to archaeology and heritage preservation. Cultural resource managers interact with a wide range of stakeholders, including people who have very little knowledge about archaeology. The purpose of this project was to familiarize students with writing for a non-specialist audience. The projects students developed ranged from traditional print media (posters, brochures, magazines) to blogs and social media (Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram) to other kinds of multi-media formats (models, lectures).

Kay McKenna made a series of posters geared towards public archaeology.

Chris Saunders made a series of posters about cultural heritage in Gordon County.

Flynn Vogt made an Instagram arch.eology (about archaeology relevant to UGA)
Mara Holandez made a Tumblr page:
Jane Yandel made Facebook page :
Jim Rooks made a blog about Battlefield Preservation
Morgan Phillips wrote a newsletter about issues with the Native American community.
Collin Ponader wrote a blog about the Sapelo Island shell rings and also created a model of the shell ring.
Estafania Palacios created a webpage about Cultural Resource Management in Ecuador.
Logan van Hagen made a podcast educating the public about archaeology.
Amanda Braithwaite created a newsletter about cultural resource management. 
Nate Duke made a powerpoint presentation about Warner Robins and Heritage.
Remy Buxton made a blog about the Dakota Access Pipeline.
Shelby Reed made a brochure proposing that Marietta become a Certified Local Government.
Nicole Oster hand-drew a children's book. See here for select images.

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