Mississippian Settlement Archaeology Field School 

Singer-Moye (9SW2) is a multi-mound Mississippian center located in the Lower Chattahoochee River Valley of southwest Georgia. The site’s occupation has been estimated to span ca. A.D. 1100-1450. The site includes eight earthen mounds, two plazas, and extensive habitation areas. Our approach to this project is explicitly multi-scalar. In order to understand large-scale, long term patterns in human prehistory, we need to understand people’s daily lives. This field school is part of the Singer-Moye Archaeological Settlement History (SMASH) project. Students will be involved in all stages of the research process: defining research questions, collecting and interpreting archaeological data, analyzing artifacts, and reporting on their findings. Students will also prepare posters to be presented at a professional meeting. Please see www.singermoye.com for application to the field school at Singer-Moye. For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Birch (jabirch@uga.edu).




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