The proposed project consists of the construction of a diamond interchange at Interstate 85 (1-85) and State Route 324 (SR 324). The proposed interchange is located in northern Gwinnett County, and is situated approximately 2.7 miles northeast of the 1-85/SR 20 (Buford Drive) interchange (Exit 115) and approximately 1.9 miles southwest of the 1-85/Hamilton Mill Road interchange (Exit 120). The proposed project would include a northbound deceleration lane of approximately 1 ,500 feet on 1-85 to facilitate a two-lane exit to SR 324 and an acceleration lane of approximately 1 ,200 feet to provide a parallel two-lane southbound entrance to 1-85 from SR 324. The north facing ramps would have single-lane junctions with 1-85. The off-ramp approaches to SR 324 would consist of two left-turnlanes and one right-turn lane. The ramps would be constructed of concrete.

The bridge and roadway of SR 324 (Gravel Springs Road) would be restriped to provide two westbound left-turn lanes and one eastbound left-turn lane. Right-turn lanes would be constructed on SR 324 at the approaches to the interchange on-ramps. Curb and gutter with sidewalks would be provided on SR 324 to match the existing typical section. Limited access rights would be acquired along SR 324 on each side of the interchange from Camp Branch Road to Morgan Road in order to implement access management. The overall project length is estimated at 2.32 miles, which includes 1.82 miles along 1-85 and 0.5 mile along SR 324/Gravel Springs Road (see attached location map).

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