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Phase I Cultural Resources Survey of the Proposed 839-Acre Lancaster Solar Facility near Arlington in Calhoun County Georgia

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Project CSNHS-0008-00(431) would construct a compressed diamond interchange (ramp heads spaced 500 feet apart) at the existing at-grade signalized intersection of SR 316 with SR 53, with SR 53 spanning over SR 316. SR 53 is an existing two-lane roadway with rural shoulders. SR 53 is proposed to be widened with rural shoulders to provide for left-turn auxiliary lanes at the entrance ramps onto SR 316. The work would begin at Mile Post 9.17, approximately 0.46 mile northwest of the existing SR 316/SR 53 intersection, and proceed southeast to Mile Post 9.92, a total distance of 0.75 mile. SR 53 will tie in to the existing typical section at both north and south project termini. The work along SR 316 would be limited to tying in the entrance/exit ramps and erecting guardrail to protect bridge columns in the median. The work would begin at Mile Post 10.44 and proceed eastward to Mile Post 11.37, a total distance of 0.93 mile. The SR 53 Bridge over SR 316 will provide a total of four 12-ft. lanes, one through lane plus one left turn lane in each direction, and 8-ft. wide shoulders on each side. The bridge length will be set not to preclude future widening of SR 316. According to the project NEPA specialist, this project switched from federal to state funding sometime around March 22, 2016.