The initial version of this web page was developed in April of 2005 by Dr. Mark Williams' Honors Introduction to Anthropology class at the University of Georgia. The bright and hard-working students in this class included: Adele Handy, Bethany Bernard, Sudipta Chakraborty, Casey Dickey, Katie Fulmer, Todd Gaston, Brittany Junod, Amelia Kohli, Amanda Lovett, Kristen Moles, Mike Mooney, Kelli Parker, Amit Patel, Jessica Pratt, Rebecca Rowsey, Katherine Ryan, Beth Scoggan, Bryan Stillwagon, Chris Stokes, and Tim Supakorndej.
Of these students, Mike Mooney is to be singled out as the initial developer of the html code and Adele Handy is acknowledged for overall management of the project of the tedious task of converting the pottery type data from the book into the current wed-based medium.
Mark Williams took the students work and, with the help of Victor Thompson, edited the page into its current form during May and June. It was first put online in July of 2005.
In the spring of 2006, Joey Piergrossi and Chris Daniel added more photographs and implemented the use of popups for all images. Williams cleaned up the code and modified some of the images in the summer of 2006.
In the spring of 2009 Williams' Material Culture class, with his help and that of the computer guru of the Anthropology Department Curtis Combes, converted the web page to a Joomla page for easier maintenance.  Several types missed in earlier versions were added, and several internal mistakes were corrected.  The students included Shannon Curry, Kyle Dondero, Pam Enlo, J.J. Gunnells, Justin Holcombe, Hollie Pennington, Alisabeth Pritchett, Kyle Renz, Ben Shirley, and Dara Vaughn.
Lloyd E. Schroder began helping with the site in 2011 and with the assistance of Williams created maps of the distributions of many of the pottery types and helped to integrate them into the website. Further, Lloyd also added additional photographs of pottery types that were not well illustrated. 
In 2013, Amanda D. Roberts Thompson, Laboratory Manager, corrected some errors on the website and began the process of creating a new website for the pottery page. This began in 2014, when Roberts Thompson and several undergraduates assisted in migrating information into the new pottery website. Adam Coker and Isabelle Cantin were incredibly helpful in this process.