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Code of Ethics

Collections Management Code of Ethics

The Laboratory adheres to the highest quality of collections management as outlined in the Curation of Federally-Owned and Administered Archeological Collections. Ethics is a major guiding factor in decision-making, research, and curation within the Laboratory. The Laboratory has a duty to ensure the adherence to professional standards of ethics. In doing so, the Laboratory follows the Code of Ethics established by the University System of Georgia (USG). Additionally, the Laboratory also abides by the ethics guidelines put forth by the below institutions.

  • Society for American Archaeology
  • Society for Historical Archaeology
  • American Alliance for Museums
  • Society for American Archivists
  • National Park Service Museum Handbook

Ethic Points

Specific ethic points within the Laboratory's Code of Ethics are listed below. View our Code of Ethics in detail here.

  • Stewardship
  • Commercialization
  • Diversity
  • Personal Collecting
  • Trust
  • Access and Use
  • Public Outreach and Education
  • Descendant Community Accountability
  • Intellectual Property
  • Public Reporting and Publication
  • Records and Preservation
  • Training and Resources
  • Safe Education and Workplace Environment
  • Gifts and Conflicts of Interest