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Curate With Us

female undergraduate student using a barcode scanner to enter into database

We welcome new archaeological collections for curation. Please email Operations Director, Amanda Roberts Thompson ( with questions on how to begin the curation submission process.

The Laboratory adheres to high ethical and professional responsibilities for collections placed within our facilities and takes great care in the conservation of archaeological artifact collections, as well as associated paper and digital records. The Laboratory meets Federal standards (36CFR79 and Antiquities Act of 1906) for archaeological curation and is compliant with all state and federal laws.

a woman holding an atlatl weight and a man looking at the artifact

Maintaining the archaeology collections in our facility is the main priority of the Director and Operations Director. Materials are maintained in a temperature, humidity and light monitored environment. All material is integrated into our barcode and database system (UGACMS) to record information and keep track of the specific location of boxes.  


woman pulling a curation box off of the shelves