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The Laboratory’s overall goal is to repatriate all NAGPRA collections that are the responsibility of UGA as well as to maintain communication with other federal and state agencies to fulfill their NAGPRA responsibilities for collections curated at the Laboratory. It is also the Laboratory’s goal to institute and maintain traditional care practices developed in consultation with tribal communities, all while meeting the Secretary of the Interior’s priority to “support tribal self-determination, self-governance, and sovereignty.”

We recognize our responsibility in ensuring that NAGPRA is implemented properly but also done so with consideration and respect towards tribal sovereignty, cultural protocols, cultural practices, and knowledge. The Laboratory welcomes all suggestions to increase our level of understanding and respect for the cultures and traditions that are represented within our facility. Please email the Operations Director, Amanda Roberts Thompson ( with any questions.

Please find our NAGPRA policies HERE.

NAGPRA Activities

General NAGPRA activities at the Laboratory include but are not limited to the following:

  • Consultation with tribal communities
  • Publication of Notices of Intent to Repatriate or Notices of Inventory Completion in the Federal Register
  • Repatriation and disposition
  • Joint repatriation and disposition efforts
  • Care in Trust agreements to ensure proper handling until reburial can occur
  • Transfer of collections from other institutions to facilitate repatriation or disposition of a split or shared collection
  • Traditional care practices
  • Communication with other federal and state agencies with collections at the Laboratory to help facilitate and fulfill their NAGPRA responsibilities

NAGPRA Advisory Board

The Laboratory is guided on NAGPRA compliance by the Laboratory of Archaeology NAGPRA Advisory Board. Currently, the NAGPRA Advisory Board is comprised of the following individuals: