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Student Research Highlights

Student research in archaeology is ongoing and always exciting here in the Laboratory of Archaeology.

Check below for some more information on current and past student research projects from internships, classes, and independent studies!

ANTH 4250 Cultural Resource Management Projects

Students enrolled in ANTH 4250 Cultural Resource Management produce projects aimed at engaging the public regarding issues related to archaeology and heritage preservation. Cultural resource managers interact with a wide range of stakeholders, including people who have very little knowledge about archaeology. The purpose of this project was to familiarize students with writing for a non-specialist audience. The projects students developed ranged from traditional print media (posters, brochures, magazines) to blogs and social media (Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram) to other kinds of multi-media formats (models, lectures).

Kay McKenna made a series of posters geared towards public archaeology.

Chris Saunders made a series of posters about cultural heritage in Gordon County.

Flynn Vogt made an Instagram arch.eology (about archaeology relevant to UGA)

Jim Rooks made a blog about Battlefield Preservation

Morgan Phillips wrote a newsletter about issues with the Native American community.

Collin Ponader wrote a blog about the Sapelo Island shell rings and also created a model of the shell ring.

Estafania Palacios created a webpage about Cultural Resource Management in Ecuador.

Nate Duke made a powerpoint presentation about Warner Robins and Heritage.

Remy Buxton made a blog about the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Shelby Reed made a brochure proposing that Marietta become a Certified Local Government.

Nicole Oster hand-drew a children's book. See here for select images.