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Amanda D. Roberts Thompson

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Amanda D. Roberts Thompson
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Operations Director and Institutional NAGPRA Coordinator

Amanda D. Roberts Thompson, Ph.D., is the Operations Director of the Laboratory of Archaeology and Georgia Archaeological Site File at the University of Georgia. Amanda received her Master’s degree in historical archaeology from the University of West Florida and received her PhD in archaeology from the University of York. Amanda is also the Institutional NAGPRA Coordinator for the university and facilitates implementation of NAGPRA (Native American Graves and Repatriation Act, within the Laboratory to respectfully repatriate ancestors. She specializes in historical archaeology, ethnohistory and preservation with over 12 years of experience in archaeology and collections management. She has been involved in projects in the Caribbean, Fiji, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Mexico. Her current research includes projects on the Georgia Coast and in southwest Florida. The main focus of her research in these areas is the dynamic economies that emerged as a result of colonialism and the establishment of the plantation system in the Southeast.