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A Preliminary Survey of Archaeological Sites in the Big Tired Creek Park Area

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The Tired Creek Park area, comprised of 2,960 acres of land in Grady County, Georgia, is located just north of the three bridges crossing highway 84, three miles from Cairo on the east and three miles from Whigam on the west. The park land is drained by three small streams that compose the headwaters of Big Tired Creek, a major tributary of the Ochlocknee River. Approximately 1,450 acres of land in the bottomland along Black, Buss and Sapp Creeks is scheduled for inundation as a reservoir within the park area. 1,500 additional acres of hilly terrain comprised of recently cultivated fields and forested land is scheduled for development and recreational use. Construction of the buildings was in process at the tine of the survey.

Evidence gathered for site evaluation in the reconnaissance segment of this survey was directly contingent upon a number of conditions. Primary difficulties were centered in the fact that the area to be flooded was heavily wooded. About 10% of the acreage outside the important area was either open or in cultivation and consequently open to surface inspection. Only about 3% of the reservoir area was open, and this was primarily represented by the lower section of cultivated fields.