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An Archaeological Survey of a Proposed Sewage Treatment Facility in Thomson, McDuffie County, Georgia

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This report summarizes the results of an archaeological survey of an area to be affected by expansion of an existing sewage treatment facility in Thomson, McDuffie County, Georgia. The project is being planned for the City of Thomson by Robert P. Grey, Consulting Engineer, Inc., of Athens, Georgia. It was at the request of Mr. Douglas M. Dangerfield of Robert P. Grey's firm that this survey was conducted. Dr. Paul R. Fish, Department of anthropology, University of Georgia, served as principal investigator for the Project. The field survey was conducted by University of Georgia archaeologist Dr. Chung Ho Lee. Fieldwork was accomplished on August 19, 20, and 27, 1978. The actual field inspection of the project areas required three man/days, Background research and report preparation required an additional five man/days. The purpose of this report is to provide information concerning: (1) location and description of all archaeological and historical sites located within the areas of the proposed project; (2) the determination of level of significance for identified archaeological and historical sites and recommendation concerning eligibility of identified sites to the National Register of Historic Places; and (3) an evaluation of the potential effect of the proposed project on identified cultural remains.