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Archaeological Survey of HES-003-3(23) Clarke County

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This is an archaeological survey of HES-003-3(23) located in Clarke County. The project consists of constructing a right turn lane on Collins Industrial Road at SR 8 just outside the Athens City Limits. A windshield survey of the areas was considered adequate, given the extreme disturbance in the area. No streams of major water sources are involved. For these reasons, the project will not affect any archaeological resources and Athena Drive (County Road 203) just outside the Athens City limits in Clarke County, Georgia. State Route 8 is a 4-lane highway with paved shoulders, divided by a grass median. Athena Drive has four 10-foot lanes on the east approach and two 13-foot lanes on the west approach. Athena Drive terminates 65 feet west of State Route 8 at Collins Industrial Road (see attachment). The subject project's location is in an industrial area approximately .5 miles north of the limited access on State Route 8. Shift changes at adjacent factories cause surges in vehicle volumes at the intersection. The project's purpose is to eliminate or improve existing conditions which are hazardous and to reduce the total number of accidents at this site. The project consists of signalizing the subject intersection with a fully actuated, 5 phase, stop and go traffic signal with gap reductions features. Also a right turn lane will be constructed on Collins Industrial Road to separate right turning vehicles from the through movement and left turn lanes will be constructed on State Route 8.