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An Archaeological Survey of Channel, Dike, and Streambank Protection Structures, Big Mortar - Snuffbox Swamp Watershed, Long and McIntosh Counties, Georgia

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This report describes the results of an archaeological survey of structural measures to be constructed by the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) in the Big Mortar- Snuff Box Swamp Watershed, Long and McIntosh Counties, Georgia. The structural measures surveyed include 760,100 feet of single and multiple purpose channel, 11,700 feet of dike, and 11,300 feet of stream bank protection. The location of these measures is shown on Map 1. The field survey required approximately 112 days to complete and was conducted between December 5, 1974, and May 19, 1975. Laboratory analysis and report writing required approximately 65 days to complete and were conducted between May 20, 1975, and August 20, 1975. The survey was funded and this report prepared under the provisions of a contractual agreement between the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service and the Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia. As outlined in the agreement specifications (see attached copy in Appendix), the contract stipulates that, A final report will be submitted to the Contracting Officer containing complete information on the location, nature, and importance of all archaeological sites located by the survey. In addition to this information, the present report includes: (1) a determination of the archaeological and historical levels of significance of located sites for nomination to the National Registry of Historic Places; and (2) a suggested program of measures necessary to adequately mitigate the impact of SCS construction on archaeological resources. Messrs. Thomas Gresham, Ken Johnson and Richard Zurel conducted the field survey. Laboratory analysis and report writing were accomplished by Messrs. Gresham and Zurel. David J. Hally, Principal Investigator, provided limited supervision of all phases of the project and assisted in report writing.