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Archaeological and Historical Assessment for Economic Development Administration, Local Public Works Projects, Proposed Construction Areas: Wills Park, River Valley Park, Clarence Duncan Park, Providence Road

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More than 288 acres of proposed park development properties were closely examined for cultural resources of an archeological or historical nature. No sites or features, eligible or otherwise, were discovered. While it is unusual for this amount of terrain to be devoid of prehistoric or historic features in Fulton County or the metropolitan region of Atlanta, this specific acerage was found to be so. The only proposed development to be near a known archeological site was the North Fulton Tennis Center. It is 4,000 feet west of the Glenn Site (9-Fu-114), a small Archaic Period lithic component located within a private estate and protected by easement. The construction and operation of the tennis center will have no impact presently conceivable upon the Glenn Site. This concludes the assessment.