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An Archaeological Survey of Early County, Georgia

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The survey of Early County. Georgia was conducted with two goals in mind. The primary one was to locate and evaluate all observable historic and prehistoric sites. The second objective was to determine the outlying settlement base for the Kolomoki ceremonial center located in the northwestern section of the county. In both cases, the research was only partially successful.

A surface survey was conducted during July and August of 1975. Thirty sites were located or identified. largely through the use of local informants. Early County Is in an agricultural area in which peanuts, corn, soy beans, and a limited amount of cotton are grown. At maturity these crops obscure most of the ground surface and make site location and surface collecting difficult. In addition, extensive areas of the county are in pasture, secondary growth, or they are uncleared. Unfortunately, most of the river bottomland is overgrown also, making site survey difficult. These problems limited both the nature and quantity of data recovery. However, I feel that the survey covered a representative sample of the county and my conclusions and generalizations--those based on positive as well as negative data—are accurate and useful.