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Investigation of Two Stone Mound Localities Monroe County, Georgia

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This report summarizes the results of archaeological excavations at two stone mound localities (9Mol52 and 9Mo153) at the Georgia Power Company Robert W. Scherer plant site, Monroe County, Georgia. The stone mound sites were identified during the 1976 survey of the Scherer project area, and test excavations at one of the sites (9Mol53) demonstrated aboriginal construction (Fish, Fish and Jefferies 1978:24-36). The mounds were situated on a high ridge overlooking Berry Creek - an area scheduled for construction of an ash disposal area in early 1977.

The excavations were funded and supported in innumerable other ways by the Georgia Power Company. The field investigations were directed by University of Georgia archaeologist Gregory Paulk, who was assisted by Jeffery Thompson, Miles Sheffer, Charles Siegel and David Hansen. The excavations were conducted between February 5 and April 30, 1977 and required 170 man/days. An additional 110 man/days were needed for laboratory analysis and report preparation. Paul R. Fish and Richard W. Jefferies acted as principal investigators for this project.