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Archaeological Reconnaissance of Proposed Wastewater Facilities, Duncan Park - McDonald Acres Project Specific Wastewater Facilities Plan

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Eligibility or Noneligibility to National Register of Historic Places: The site has been tentatively identified as the Federal Road on the basis of the McFarland Map. Additional work, including both documentary and field research, will be required in order to make positive identification of the site. If the site is the Federal Road it will be eligible, in the opinion of the authors, for nomination to the National Register. It should be apparent that actual determination of eligibility or noneligibility cannot be made on the local level. Level of National Register Significance: As was noted above, additional work will be required for determination of level of significance. If the site is actually the Federal Road, it is the opinion of the authors that it would be of national significance. However, determination of level of significance is not made on the local level. Project Effect: The construction of the proposed force main in Sewer District I (Duncan Park) will result in primary impact on the site by cutting directly through the road. There will be no secondary impact. Mitigation Proposal: The Federal Road offers an unusual potential for the recovery of significant scientific data relevant to construction, use, and maintenance of this once major transportation artery. Therefore, prior to construction of the proposed 4-inch force main from Duncan Park to the existing Fort Oglethorpe Wastewater Treatment Plant, provisions should be made for the archaeological recording of a cross section cut of the road with photographs and scale drawings. Under ideal conditions, some mechanical equipment may be used in conjunction with this operation as a part of the overall construction. If, however, the soil should be excessively damp, hand excavation will be required. Archaeological consultation is recommended at least 4 weeks prior to construction in this area. Recommended Alternatives: The road passes from east to west between Duncan Park and the existing Fort Oglethorpe Wastewater Treatment Plant, and regardless of relocation of the force main, it will still be necessary to cross the road. This being the case, there are no practical alternatives.