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Macon-Bibb County - Archaeological and Biological Resource Assessment Surveys

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In compliance with provisions of Public Law 92-500, assessment is required of all project sites proposed by the Macon-Bibb County 201 Wastewater Facilities Plan (C130412-01) to determine acceptability of each site in relation to project impact upon local biological resources. Assessment development process has consisted of an "Environmental Inventory" section included within the "Macon-Bibb County Facilities Plan", and a separate "Environmental Assessment Report, Macon-Bibb County Facilities Plan". These two documents were first submitted to review authorities in June, 1977. Following review and revision, specific projects have currently been identified for implementation. To complete the assessment process, site specific surveys were conducted January 4, 1979 of the Lower Poplar Street WPCP project area and the Rocky Creek WPCP project area. The general location of these two WPCP areas is shown on Exhibit 1. The purpose of these surveys is to assay existing environmental conditions and to seek out and verify the presence and/or absence of significant features. Particular attention is directed to the occurrence of any plant or animal species, or their habitat, currently designated statutory protection. The survey method employed was to walk the entire perimeter of each project area, and traverse the site interior where deemed appropriate. Weather conditions were clear and cold at the time of the survey. Pertinent available data was reviewed prior to field investigations. This report serves to document survey findings and provide project reviewing authorities with adequate information upon which to base their considerations. This report is supplemental to those reports submitted previously.