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Cultural Resources Survey of a Proposed Borrow Pit in Public Wildlife Recreation Area in Public Wildlife Recreation Area in Troup County, Georgia, West Point Lake

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This report summarizes the results of an archaeological survey related to a proposed borrow pit in the Public Wildlife Recreation Area in Troup County, Georgia. The borrow pit is approximately a ten acre area located in the northern part of Troup County, about 1.6kilometers north along Owensbyville Road from Georgia Highway 219 (Figure1). Plate 1 shows a general view of the area. The field survey was conducted By the project field director, Chung Ho Lee, and a field assistant, Joel Jones. Two graduate students, Susan Wolf and John Strnad from the Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia, helped with the survey. Fieldwork was accomplished on April 21, 1978. The actual field inspection of the proposed borrow pit site required twenty man hours. The purpose of this report is to provide information concerning: 1) a description of all archaeological/historical sites located within the proposed project area; 2) the determination of the level of significance for identified archaeological sites and recommendations concerning eligibility of identified sites to the National Register of Historic Places; and 3) an evaluation of the potential effect of the proposed borrow pit on identified cultural remains.