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An Archaeological Survey of Structure 7, Upper Mulberry Creek Watershed, Gwinnett County, Georgia for the U.S.D.A.. Soil Conservation Service

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Pursuant to a request from the Georgia State Office of the Soil Conservation Service, an archaeological survey of Structure 7, Upper Mulberry River Watershed Project, Gwinnett County, Georgia was conducted by University of Georgia archaeologists. The project area consists of approximately 5600 linear feet of drainage channel on Duncan Creek and includes the dam site, borrow area, and reservoir. The study was performed by Gary D. Barber and Kathryn Jablonski requiring about 20 man/days for archaeological background research, survey, laboratory analysis, and report preparation. Dr. Paul R. Fish of the university's Department of Anthropology served as principal investigator for the project. The primary objectives of the reconnaissance survey were to identify and record archaeological and historical resources within the project area, to assess adverse impacts on these resources resulting from the completion of the project, and to make recommendations for mitigation of any anticipated adverse impacts. The data gathered during the research has been organized into five sections in this report: 1) Environmental Setting; 2) Archaeological Background; 3) Survey Methods; 4) Archaeological Results; and 5) Recommendations. The author would like to acknowledge the assistance of several persons instrumental in the successful completion of the survey. Lloyd Harris and Thomas Perkins of the Soil Conservation Service Office in Lawrenceville aided in defining the project boundaries and in the notification to landowners of the presence and purpose of the survey team. Charles Till, Soil Conservation Service geologist provided valuable insights concerning the local geology and the scope of construction activities. Mr. John Duncan, a local resident, informed the survey team of the existence of a prehistoric quartz quarry adjacent to the project area. The assistance of these individuals is greatly appreciated.