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Report on Survey and Excavations in Clayton County, Historical Jonesboro, Inc. - University of Georgia

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Archaeological survey was begun by the author on weekends beginning in May 1971 and becoming full-time in June 1971. Work continued through the summer and ended in mid-September. Five weekends of field work were carried out in the Fall of the same year. The survey was initiated by Gail Talmadge, who first contacted Dr. Parthemos at the University to see if anything could be done by the University to help preserve the Flint River fishtraps and other aspects of Clayton County's prehistory. Dr. Parthemos then contacted Dr. Caldwell, and they mad arrangements for Dr Caldwell to provide an archaeologist with travel and subsistence and while Dr. Parthemos was to pay the archaeologist salary. This phase of the work lasted from May 15 to June 30,1971 and was directed toward location and recording of prehistoric sites. After that time an agreement was reached by which Historical Jonesboro would pay for supplies, travel, and meals for the author through August 31,1971 while Dr. Caldwell continued to pay his salary. This phase of the work was mainly for excavation at surveyed sites. Funds for most of this Phase of historical Jonesboro's commitment were provided by a generous anonymous gift. Work at 9Cn12 was not completed by August 31,1971, so Dr. Caldwell hired three additional workers for two extra weeks and Gail and Gene Talmadge made a generous donation to cover Historical Jonesboro's cost for the extra time. Funds for the work in the Fall were provided by Historical Jonesboro. Lodging was kindly donated by Mr. and Mrs. Conklin for the entire summer. What follows is a brief report on the survey and excavations based on partial analysis of the artifacts recovered. All survey materials have been counted and partially analyzed°'while analysis of excavated materials is really just beginning. A final report will be prepared once excavations at 9Cn12 are completed. Thanks are extended to all persons, who contributed to the survey and excavations in Clayton County and special thanks are extended to Dr. Joseph R. Caldwell for without his aid and assistance, the project could not have been a success.