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Cultural Resource Assessment of the Proposed Ocmulgee East Industrial Park Development Area, Macon, Bibb County, Georgia

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At the request of the Macon/Bibb County Industrial Authority, a cultural resource assessment of the proposed Ocmulgee East Industrial Park Area was conducted during the second week of April 1980. The project area was of particular interest because it forms part of abandoned Camp Wheeler, an Army camp that dates from World Wars I and II.

An intensive survey of the project area was conducted. Particular attention was given to any indication of the military use of the area. Structures, solid waste disposal systems, special activity areas, roadways and trash disposal systems were looked for. Aboriginal occupation/utilization of the area was also investigated.

No indication of aboriginal or World War I period activities on the project area were noted. However, there were abundant remains of World War II use of the area. Discernable Company and Batallion areas were present. Further, special activity areas such as warehouses, theatres, stockade and base headquarters were observed. On a portion of the survey area that was detached from the main base, an activity area that has been interpreted as an Officers Club was encountered.

Because of the newness of the structures and because similar structural patterns can be found on existing military bases (i.e., Fort Benning and Fort Gordon) it is not felt that the Camp Wheeler area is eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

All records and photographs of this project have been placed on file at the Archaeological Laboratory at West Georgia College.