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Archaeological Assessment of the Proposed Location of Burns Brick Company Mine No. 2, Bibb County, Georgia

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This report describes the objectives, field methods, and results of an archaeological assessment of the proposed location of Burns Brick Company Mine No. 2 in Bibb County, Georgia. Field work for the assessment was initiated on October 13, 1980 and was concluded on October 26, 1980 with a labor expenditure of 248 man hours. All materials resulting from the investigation are curated in the West Georgia College Archaeological Laboratory (Accession Number 009).

The assessment area encompasses approximately 190 hectares and, is situated within the flood plain along the western side of the Ocmulgee River, about 5 kilometers south of Macon, Georgia (see Figures 1, 2, and 3). The project area is located upon the northern-most edge of the Coastal Plain, immediately south of the Fall Line which extends through the city of Macon (see Cooke 1925, LaForge 1925).