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An Archaeological Survey of a Portion of Lumpkin, Georgia

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On March 31 and April I, 1981, an archeological survey of a portion of the City of Lumpkin, Georgia was conducted by Frank T. Schnell, Principal Investigator and R. Donald Gordy, Field Investigator. This survey was conducted in partial compliance of a cultural resource appraisal request by the Historic Preservation Section, Georgia Department of Natural Resources. This appraisal is a result of an application (State Identifier Number 80-11-17-14) by the City of Lumpkin for federal assistance in the rehabilitation of 20 houses within a low income area of the city and sewer line extensions totaling 12,470 feet in that same area (see Figure 1). The architectural resource portion of the appraisal is being conducted by the Lower Chattahoochee Area Planning and Development Commission.