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Report of Archaeological/ Historical Investigations Nancy Creek Relief Sewer SB-03-3-4-000 South River Outfall 58104

Report Number
Year of Publication

Authority for this archeological investigation was issued by certified mail, dated May 16, 1977, and received May 20, 1977, by the Archeological Survey Liaison Officer, Ms. Caroline Richbourg, BA, Fulton County. A copy of this authorization is attached in Appendix A of this report. Project numbers assigned are as follows:

Nancy Creek Relief Sewer, Section 1, SB-03-3-4-000

South River Relief Sewer Sections 1 & 2, PS-10-6-2-000

Originally Nancy Creek was designated as No. SB 03-1-73 and South River as No. PES 091-76 (Contract No.1 58104).