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A Cultural Resource Assessment of a Certain Location in Clay County, Georgia

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On November 29, 1980, a cultural resource assessment was carried out on a 13 hectare plot of land in Clay County, Georgia All of the study area had been extensively disturbed by clearing, leaving an average of 88% of the ground surface visible. Because of extensive erosion, precultural soils were visible at the surface over approximately 65% of the study area. Eight locations within the surveyed area yielded more than one artifact, but only one of these was considered to be an archaeological habitation site. This site appears to have had two components, the more extensive yielding Rood Ceramic Complex materials. This probably represents a disconnected segment of a larger Indian community which had been situated near the mouth of Kolomoki Creek. The second component was represented by two fragments of fiber tempered pottery, and probably by chert artifacts and debitage. Because the site is not unique and because it has been almost totally disturbed by clearing, this site is not considered eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.