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An Archaeological Survey of a Recreation and City Water Systems Site for the City of Glennville, Tattnall County, Georgia

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This report presents the results of an archaeological field survey in the proposed construction area for a recreation and city water systems site for the City of Glennville, Tattnall County, Georgia. The proposed recreation and water systems site occupies a formerly cultivated field approximately 1. 10 miles northwest of the Glennville city limits. The site is situated on a bluff overlooking the head of a small unnamed tributary of Chapel Creek. The elevation of the bluff is 170 feet above sea level. The site is slightly over 65 acres.

The field survey was conducted by University of Georgia archaeologists Dr. Paul R. Fish and Paul Effland on March 12 and 13, 1976. Field inspection of the locality required approximately 10 man hours to complete. Dr. Paul R. Fish and Dr. David J. Hally, Department of Anthropology, University of Georgia acted as principal investigators for this project. The survey was undertaken as the result of a letter of agreement between the University of Georgia and the City of Glennville.