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An Archaeological Survey of Proposed Road Construction Sites, Stephens County, Georgia

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This report summarizes the results of an archaeological survey of areas to be affected by proposed modification of four existing roads and construction of a fifth road by the Stephens County Board of Commissioners (Figure 1). The proposed sites which were surveyed consisted of a total of two miles or right-of-way located in the western portion of Stephens County, Georgia. Dr. Paul R. Fish, University of Georgia, acted as principal investigator for the project. The field survey was conducted by University of Georgia archaeologist Richard W. Jefferies. The field assistant was Paul Efland. Fieldwork was done February 2-3, 1978. Field survey required 4 person/days to complete, with an additional 2 person/days required for laboratory analysis and report preparation. The contract portion of the survey was conducted under United States Forest Service permit.