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Flint River Archaeological Survey and Testing Albany, Georgia

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This report details an archaeological survey and testing program conducted at the Georgia Power Company's Flint River Project in Albany, Georgia, in June 1982. The project was required to satisfy licensing requirements for day-use public recreation facilities within the Flint River Project. The survey and testing were conducted by Soil Systems, Inc. (SSI) assisted by the Georgia Power Company archaeologist. Two archaeological sites were 'located by the survey. The first, Site 20055-1, was a dense Late Paleo-Indian to Late Archaic lithic scatter and the second, Site 20055-2, was a potentially stratified Woodland-Mississippian site. In consultation with Georgia Power Company representatives, the first site was archaeological ly tested. The second was recommended for avoidance by ground disturbing activities based on the results of the survey. Upon conclusion of testing, the first site was also recommended for avoidance. These recommendations were based upon the clear potential of each site to supply significant data on the prehistoric occupation of the locality and region. Both sites appear to be eligible for nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Beyond avoidance, it was also recommended that both sites be intensively investigated prior to any future construction activity and that the sites be protected from relic collectors. If the sites cannot be protected from relic collectors, it is strongly recommended that intensive archaeological investigations be conducted to recover highly important and irreplaceable archaeological information.