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An Archaeological Survey of Proposed Sewage Treatment Facility Sites, Cochran, Georgia

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This report summarizes the results of an archaeological survey of two proposed sewage processing facilities for the City of Cochran, Georgia (Figure 1). The proposed sites which were surveyed consisted of a 90,000 sq. ft. area located immediately south of the existing sewage oxidation pond and a 1600 sq. ft. area located 400 feet west of Highway 23 north of Cochran. Dr. Paul R. Fish, University of Georgia, acted as principal investigator for the project. The field survey was conducted by University of Georgia archaeologist Richard W. Jefferies. Fieldwork was done on August 10, 1977. Field survey required 1 person/day to complete, with an additional 1.5 person days required for laboratory analysis and report preparation. The primary purpose of this report is to provide information concerning the identification and evaluation of the significance of archaeological remains which could be adversely affected by the construction of the proposed sewage processing facilities.