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Preliminary Report: Phase II Testing at Kings Bay, Georgia: Evaluation of Sites 9Cam183, 184 and 185

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This report documents the 11 -week documentary research and fieldwork stage of Phase II testing at three sites in the Cherry Point area at Kings Bay, Camden County, Georgia. The research was conducted by the Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga,- under contract with the U. S. Department of the Navy. Sites 9Cam 183 (a historic period rural farmstead), 9Cam 184 (a multicomponent prehistoric site), and 9Cam 185 (a Swift Creek period prehistoric site), were tested using limited samples from hand-excavated tests each averaging 1 x 2 m in horizontal extent by 0.7 m in depth. All three sites were found to contain considerable amounts of artifacts. Relatively few features were defined, but some of those which were encountered are interpretable and datable. Sites 9Cam 183 and 9Cam 185 are clearly eligible for national Register listing. An assessment of 9Cam 184 cannot be made until laboratory analysis is completed.