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Archaeological and Historical Investigations at the Site of Housing Development of the Housing Authority of the City of Montezuma, Macon County

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The Housing Authority of the City of Montezuma, is planning development of a tract of land in Macon County, Georgia. The development will consist of 32 family units, the construction of which will irrevocably damage cultural material, if present, in the area. The development will impact approximately 4.5 hectares (10-11 acres) located on a terrace approximately 15 meters above and 750 meters east of the Flint River. The northern edge of the impact zone is 500 meters south of Spring Creek and abuts the city's sewage disposal plant. The property borders Drayton road on the east side (Figure 1). The Housing Authority requested that Archaeological Research Associates Inc. (ARA Inc.) of Valdosta Georgia perform certain evaluations of cultural resources in the area of planned construction.