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An Archaeological Survey of the Proposed Wastewater Treatment Facilities, City of Fayetteville, Fayette County, Georgia

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Following the draft guidelines, dated January 1, 1977, provided by the Office of State Archeologist at the 1977 conference, and made incumbent on the Fayetteville project by the State Archeologist and the State Historic Preservation Officer in person, this section is numbered accordingly:

1. The non-eligibility of 9-Fy-J2, the only site found within a conceivable impact zone in the project as a direct result of construction, is recommended on the basis that no contextual information is available. That is, no intact occupation stratum remains, since years of cultivation has disturbed the original living floor and plow-scars now intrude into sterile subsoil. Archaic Period surface scatterings, similar in content to those represented at 9-Fy-J2, are numerous over the Georgia Piedmont. Fy-32 exhibits no outstanding features by way of artifactual content to suggest that additional artifacts alone would add to our archeological or anthropological knowledge of this particular segment of Georgia's prehistory.

2. N/A.

3. Whereas the thirteen sites located in the pre-engineer phase of the Fayetteville project are all considered to be worthy of eligible status, they will not be affected by this particular Federal-cost-shared endeavor. Therefore whatever impact the future might hold forthese cultural resources, the basis will be private or non-Federal funds.

4. Having stated that the thirteen sites are deemed by the Survey Staff to be eligible for inclusion to the National Register of Historic Places, but also realizing that National Register status will not prevent their eventual disturbance or destruction, it is the intention of the Archeological Survey of Cobb-Fulton Counties to present a program to the government of Fayette County wherein preservation of the resource base might be effected through local action. Such a program now operates in five of the seven counties composing the Atlanta Regional Commission, the APDC for Fayette County.