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An Interim Report Concerning an Archaeological Survey of the Robert W. Scherer Plant Site and Water Pipeline, Monroe County, Georgia

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This preliminary report summarizes the results of an archaeological survey of the Robert W. Scherer plant site and water pipeline. The plant site consists of approximately 12,000 acres located slightly over three miles east of Forsyth in Monroe County, Georgia. The water pipeline involves approximately one mile of right-of-way leading from the Ocmulgee River in the west to the plant site. Areas surveyed in to the plant site and pipeline include the access road, Southern railroad spur, and transmission line for start-up power right-of-way. Since the latter areas were either under construction or scheduled for construction in the very near future, the purpose of these ancillary investigations was to provide some record of remains which would be destroyed by construction and to obtain some insight into the character of sites located between the plant site and the Ocmulgee River. The field investigations were directed by University of Georgia archaeologists Paul R. Fish and Ernest Seckinger. Field assistants were Richard W. Jefferies, Greg Paulk and Paul Efland. Richard W. Jefferies, in addition, provided direction for investigations at various "stone mound" localities in the plant site. Approximately 175 man/days have been spent in the field survey to date. An additional 160 man/days have been involved in laboratory analysis and final report preparation. The laboratory analysis is being conducted by Paul R. Fish, Ernest Seckinger, Richard Jefferies and Sharon I. Goad. Rick Sellers completed the State Site Survey forms. Suzanne K. Fish has undertaken a palynological feasibility study on sediments recovered during test excavations. Dr. Paul R. Fish and Dr. David J. Hally have acted as Co-Principal Investigators for this project. Completion of a draft copy of the final report for review by the Georgia Power Company is anticipated on or before February 28, 1977. The purpose of this interim report is to provide planning information to the Georgia Power Company at the earliest possible date. The report is not intended to provide substantive data on all identified archaeological remains nor is it to be considered a final report on the project. The report does include information on survey field methods, a preliminary summary of the archaeological results of survey project, and recommendations for future archaeological research in the plant site.