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The Archaeological Confirmation of Fort Argyle (9Bn28) Bryan County, Georgia

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Archeological testing was undertaken, at the site of Fort Argyle (9Bry28) , one of the earliest frontier forts constructed in Georgia (1733). The primary goal of the project was to confirm the site's location through archeological and historical methods. Traditional prospecting methods were used in conjunction with electronic remote sensing techniques, excavation of test pits to locate structural remains, and underwater archeological survey. The palisade encompassed an area measuring 33 m (110 ft) square. An examination of artifact class ratios shows that the assemblage falls within the predicted range for frontier military sites. Ceramic analysis indicates that the mean date of occupation was 1738, but a date of 1761 was obtained through pipe stem dating techniques. Historic documentation indicates that Fort Argyle was occupied sporadically and was renovated on several occasions. The last reference to any fortifications at the site dates to 1788. Excavations show the site to be in an excellent state of preservation and there has been little post-colonial period contamination. Recommendations for site protection and interpretation are provided.