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An Archaeological Survey of Green Island, Georgia

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An Archaeological survey of Green Island, Georgia was initiated December 13, 1974 and continued until December 23, 1974. The survey was sponsored by Island Investments, Inc. The survey methods consisted of traversing the island on foot and recording the sites encountered in the field on topographic maps and on film. The survey proceeded in the following manner. Initially the island was surveyed by walking around the island slightly inland from the marsh or shore line, recording the sites as they were encountered. The edge of the island was then surveyed to locate sites exposed along the periphery of the island. Finally the island was bisected at 50 meter intervals in an east to west fashion. Green Island Hammock was surveyed only around it's perimeter. The available time limited the number of Archaeological sites tested. Seven of the sites were tested in the following manner. A one meter square test pit was set with a Brunton along a north/south line. The test pit was then excavated in 15 cm levels. The artifacts encountered in each level were bagged separately and noted in a field journal. The stratigraphy of the test pit was then recorded. Limited mapping was accomplished at WGC242, WGC308, and WGC311. The angles for the maps were shot with a Brunton pocket transit and the measurements were taken with a steel metric tape. The sites recorded were designated with West Georgia College site numbers and have not received State designations.