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Archaeological Resources of the Winnersville Range, Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

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An archaeological survey of approximately ten percent of 350 acres of the proposed 5,900 acre Winnersville Range was performed by Dr. Newell Wright during February and March 1985. The survey focused on areas judged most likely to have archaeological resources and was directed to areas of greatest potential impact. Data recovered in the survey have been used to develop plans for the evaluation and protection of cultural resources within the entire proposed range area. Three areas of undiagnostic prehistoric artifacts, light lithic scatters, were discovered. One multicomponent site was identified which included Paleo Indian, Archaic and Historic material. All notes and artifacts from the survey are curated at Valdosta State College Laboratory of Archaeology. Recommendations are that a stratified sample of the proposed range area should be performed and the multicomponent site tested.