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Excavations on Saint Simons Island and Vicinity (Winter 1936 - 1937)

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As you will remember from Mr. Holder’s summary of work carried out under his direction on Saint Simons Island and vicinity, presented at the Society’s meeting last Fall, that are is rich in archaeological sites and seems to offer indications of more than one cultural occupation.

Since that time, work there has concerned itself primarily with a rapid survey of new sites in order to gain a fairly complete picture of the aboriginal Island cultures. It can be stated that the Airport Site and Gascoigno Bluff represent the remains of a closely related people, while Charlie King Mound, Sea Island Mound, and Cannon’s Point site represent a mutually related people – whose affiliations with the Airport-Gascoigno culture are virtually non-existent. This interpretation is of course based on a horizontal distribution of pottery types, and as such is subject to all the weaknesses of that type of approach and must wait further work between the Coast and Fall Line, as well as surveys to the north and south for final verification.