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An Additional Assessment of Two Sites Located on Proposed Alternates of I-675

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An Additional Assessment of Two Sites Located on Proposed Alternates of I-675. During consultation with the State Archaeologist in early October, a plan concerning the placement of National Register potential archaeological sites within State-owned right-of-way was discussed. This plan would provide protection and preservation for certain sites such as important steatite quarries and workshops which are located along the proposed alternates. Dr. Larson expressed a concern that two campsites which were to be placed in the right-of-way might not be eligible for the National Register. He recommended that the G.D.O.T. staff archaeologist further investigate these two sites by excavating a number of test pits to determine the eligibility of the sites for the National Register. The staff archaeologist contacted Dr. Roy S. Dickens who was the principal investigator for the archaeological survey of the proposed alternates for 1-675. He told her that the State level of significance had been assigned to 9Da125 and 9Cn45 because at that time it was the Statewide practice to assume all archaeological sites had some level of significance for the National Register.. This practice has since changed (see N.P.S. Suggestions to Archaeologists Regarding Determinations of Eligibility, and the draft Georgia Archaeological Task Force recommendations). All the information on file at Georgia State University dealing with 9Da125 and 9Cn45 was examined prior to the field work. Permissions for testing were sought and received from 'the estate of Emmie J. Robinson (9Cn45) and Francis Milliagan (9Da125).