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Impact Study of the Effects of an Army Exercise on the Archaeological Resources of Fort Argyle (9Bn28), Fort Stewart, Georgia

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Limited terrestrial and underwater investigations were conducted at Fort Argyle (9Bry28), the earliest colonial fort in Georgia (1733). An evaluation of the effect of military maneuvers on-sits indicate little damage to terrestrial deposits which, contribute to the site's National Register status, but more potentially destructive effect to underwater deposits. Archaeological survey and testing revealed a clustered occurrence of eighteenth century colonial artifacts on the Ogeechee River bottom adjacent to the site. Aboriginal, colonial, and late historic materials were recovered from the terrestrial sit* area. Site management recommendations include selvage of the underwater deposits to protect the remaining resources in this locale from sport divers and military activities. Intensification and streamlining of procedures already in place and/or under consideration are recommended for protection of the terrestrial component.