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An Archaeological and Historical Survey of the Proposed Ocilla Wastewater Treatment Facility, Irwin County, Georgia

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On January 19, 1977 a survey of the Ocilla wastewater treatment facility was completed in order to assess the impact of the proposed construction upon cultural resources, as required by federal mandates implemented by 36 C.F.R. 800, "Procedures for the Protection of Historic and Cultural Properties." The survey, which required one-half day's work by one archaeologist, covered approximately 11 acres.

As shown on the attached map, the survey property is located in central Irwin County about 1.7 miles south of the town of Ocilla. The proposed facility will be placed on a trapezoid shaped tract situated east of the existing sewage disposal ponds and west of the floodplain of Stump Creek. Surrounding land is generally low and swampy, but a small portion of a hill which was mostly excavated for the ponds remains intact on the survey property. With an elevation of 300 feet it is less than 10 feet above the level of Stump Creek for more than one-half mile downstream. Nearby upland elevations are on the order of 350 feet.