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1 Riverbank Erosion and Cultural Features, South End, (9CH155) Ossabaw Island

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The present survey used the center of the aluminum approach ramp to the South End dock (six feet wide) as a horizontal datum point. A 100-m tape was stretched south along the top of the eroding bank, and the approximate centers of postholes and pits were recorded (Figure 2). The first 13 features that were encountered were also photographed, as were two very large pit profiles (Features 14 and 15) that were farther south on the riverbank. Due to time constraints occasioned by the incoming tide, 15 additional postholes and 11 pits of various sizes were noted but not recorded. The plow zone normally obscured the stratigraphic origin of each feature, meaning that most predate the last plowing event at the South End Field. Some shell lenses or small features were noted below the plow zone, and these are probably prehistoric.