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An Archaeological Survey, Summerville, Georgia

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On September 5, 1978, an archaeological reconnaissance was conducted for the city of Summerville, Georgia, in the area to be used for construction of a new pipeline. The area covered by the pipeline lies north of the city limits of Summerville and west of U.S. Highway 27 (Figure 1). The length of the pipeline is approximately 4,200 feet and the area to be disturbed measures some 30-50 feet wide. The purpose of the survey was to locate and evaluate archaeological and historic sites and to determine whether such- sites were likely to be destroyed or damaged by subsequent disturbance. In the course of the survey, several aboriginal artifacts were found and taken to the archaeological laboratory at Shorter College, Rome, Georgia, where they were washed, analyzed, and are now stored. This report is the result of the field survey and literature search conducted by the principal investigator and field assistant during September, 1978.