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Alligator Bayou Stamped


This type was named by Gordon Willey from the Florida Gulf Coast. Named after the Alligator Bayou site, 8By18, in Bay County, Florida.

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Elaborate zoned rocker stamping on clay-tempered pottery. Known vessel forms include flattened-globular bowls, squared flattened-globular bowls, collared globular bowls, cylindrical beakers, squared beakers, and multiple-orifice vessels. Rims are incurved with exterior folds or with marginal thickening on the direct, unmodified out-slanting rims. Lips are flat, round-flat, and round-pointed. Bases are round and flat.

Geographical Range
Most common in northwestern Florida, but is present in southern Georgia and particularly prevalent in southwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Middle to late Woodland. This type is included in the Santa Rosa-Swift Creek period. Vessels have also been found in Weeden Island period context.
Surface Treatment
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