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Etowah Line Impressed


Defined by Carl Miller at the Guess site (9CO82) as part of his 1949 Allatoona Reservoir Survey. This type was never actually published, has not been used by any other person, and is not recommended for use at all.

Sorting Criteria

Similar to Etowah Incised. Plate-like bowls fringed with a disc-shaped collar. The top surface of this collared affair was given an incised design while the under surface of the collar as well as the exterior surface of the vessel was treated with a stamped design. The upper surface of the collar was line impressed into a curvilinear design incorporating the “Southern cult eye design”. Sand/grit or limestone tempered.

Geographical Range
None listed. Presumably Allatoona Reservoir area in northwestern Georgia.
Chronological Range
Presumable Middle Mississippian Etowah period.
Surface Treatment